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Level up your dark-web monitoring with uBreach Pro
Level up your dark-web monitoring with uBreach Pro

Unlock domain-level monitoring, view exposed information, and receive alerts for new breaches with uBreach Pro.

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What is uBreach Pro?

uBreach Pro is a paid upgrade to the dark-web monitoring tool uBreach Starter, that unlocks features including domain monitoring, visibility of exposed information, and breach notifications. uBreach Pro allows you to comprehensively track, understand and address risks arising from exposed employee information on the dark web.

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Monitor domains to discover all exposed user data

uBreach Pro allows you to access domain-level breach monitoring - letting you see all breaches affecting users with an email address under your monitored domains. You can also view breaches involving non-system users (users not uploaded to the usecure platform), ensuring that no breach will go unnoticed.

Get instant notifications of new breaches

Get real-time email alerts when a new breach involving your users is added to the uBreach database. You'll never miss a new breach again - and you can also configure email alerts to go out directly to the affected users, too.

View snippets of exposed information

With uBreach Pro, you can access snippets of the information exposed in breaches involving your users. This includes any breached information such as passwords, phone numbers, and addresses - other than a limited set of confidential information such as credit card numbers, which are always fully hidden.

By viewing snippets of information, you can easily see if users are re-using their passwords across services, and send out extra training to users who have been caught doing so.

Mark breaches as resolved to keep track of actions to address breaches

uBreach Pro allows you to mark breaches that you have taken action to address as 'resolved'. This helps your organisation keep track of which breaches have been addressed, and ensure that mitigating action is always taken where necessary.

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