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Monitor domains with uBreach

Learn how to include more domains in automated dark web employee exposure scanning with uBreach.

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Domain monitoring allows you to discover all breaches associated with your company domain, including for users who haven't been uploaded to the usecure platform.

Domain monitoring is only available with uBreach Pro. Speak with the Sales team to upgrade now and enable domain monitoring on your account.

What uBreach domain monitoring does

When you add a domain to be monitored in uBreach, all email addresses associated with the domain will be flagged up when uBreach scans the dark web for exposed employee credentials. You will be able to see all associated email addresses, the breaches they have been involved in, and what user details were exposed.

How to add domains to uBreach domain monitoring

You can add domains to be monitored through the uBreach tab in your platform settings. Type or paste the domains you wish to be monitored into the Monitored Domains textbox and click Add. Don't forget to Save your settings at the bottom of the page.

How to view breaches for your monitored domains

You can find all breaches for your monitored domains from the uBreach page. Scroll down and select the Domains tab to see all of your monitored domains. Click on any of the monitored domains to view breaches associated with email addresses under that domain.

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