Videos are one of the course types offered by uLearn.

What are video courses?

The video courses are animations made in-house at usecure. They are fun, short, light-hearted content that aims to be relatable to your end users and show them realistic scenarios that they might find themselves in at work. 

This is an example of one of the animations used in the video courses:

Do the video courses include questions and reporting?

The video courses include a number of questions relating to the scenario and learning topic of the video. You can see your end users' results in the uLearn reports as you would for any other course. Learn more about tracking your users' security awareness training performance.

Where can I find the video courses?

You can find video courses in the Course Library, under the subject Video.

The Course Library can be found under the uLearn tab in the app.

Press the preview button on the course to take a look through it, and then use the enrol button to send the course out to your users.

How to enrol users on video courses

You can enrol your users on animation courses manually from the Course Builder or the Users page. Learn how to manually enrol users on courses.

Can I auto enrol my users on video courses?

Currently, you cannot auto-enrol or automatically send out video courses to your users. This may change once the video library has grown to include videos covering all core learning areas.

How should I utilise video courses as part of my security awareness programme?

The video courses work well as an addition to your regular, automatic security awareness course enrolment. You can send out videos to your users on topics that you think might be relevant to them at the current moment - for example, if you're equipping users in a department with new mobile devices you might want to send out the mobile device security video course to them. 

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