How to add users

Learn how to add individual users to your app.

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This article will show you how to import an individual user to your app.

If you want to add multiple users at once, you may want to learn to:

Note: If you have enabled automatic enrolment, then any users/groups added to your portal will be immediately enrolled onto the first stage of their uLearn programme.

How to add an individual user

1. Sign into your usecure admin portal and select the Users tab on the top navigation menu. This will take you to a screen that looks something like this:

2. Click the Add button on the upper right of the page.

3. In the drop-down menu, click User.

4. The 'Add User' window will now open. You will need to input the user's first name and last name into the first two fields. You will then need to give the user's email address, and optionally choose a group to add the user in. 

OPTIONAL: 5. If the user doesn't have an email address or you wish not to use it, you can alternatively allow the user to sign in with a User ID. To do this, use the drop-down menu in the 'Add User' window to select User ID instead of Email. You will then need to input a username instead of an email address in the field below.

6. Once you have finished inputting the user's details, click Create User at the bottom of the window.

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