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Manage policies with uPolicy
Sending out policies to your users
Sending out policies to your users

Learn how to send out policies across your organisation.

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You can use uPolicy to send out policies to users across your organisation, making signature tracking a breeze. 

This article will show you how to perform a one-time policy send-out. If you wish to automatically send out a policy to all of your users, you can achieve this by making the policy compulsory.

How to send out a policy to your end users

1. Go to the View Policies page from the top menu on the usecure app.

2. Find the policy you wish to send out, and click the actions button next to it.

3. In the Send Policy window, select the recipients you wish to send the policy to. You can also select groups within your organisation to easily send the policy to multiple people.

4. Click Send Policy to have the policy sent out the users you selected.

Once you send out the policy, the recipients will receive an email with a link to view and sign the policy. You can see how many people have received and signed the policy from the View Policies page.

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