The usecure app now offers integration with Office 365.

If your organisation uses Office 365, you can securely import all your users and groups into usecure with just a couple of clicks. Here's how to get started.

Finding Office 365 settings

To find your Office 365 options, hover over the settings cog in your usecure app and click Settings.

On the Settings page you can find your Office 365 configuration options by clicking Office 365 in the left-hand menu.

Setting up your Office 365 integration

When you first visit the Office 365 settings page, you will be prodded to start the set-up wizard. This process will allow you to set up your initial configuration and sync with O365 in just a few clicks.

Managing your Office 365 integration

Once you've done the initial Office 365 set up, the O365 settings page will display options to let you manage your O365 integration settings.

Configuring your Office 365 connectivity

The first section on the Office 365 settings page lets you view and adjust your sync settings.

Authentication management

If usecure detects authentication issues with Office 365, you can use the Sign in with Microsoft button to reconnect O365 with usecure.

Running a Test Sync

A test sync allows you to see whether usecure is able to successfully access your user data from Office 365. It will also let you know what changes will be made in the next sync. The results of the Test Sync are emailed to the address you have signed in with.

Running a Manual Sync

If you do not enable automatic syncing, you will need to run Manual Syncs in order to bring updated user and group information from Office 365 into the usecure app. 

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