Setting up Office 365 synchronisation allows you to easily import your users and groups to usecure directly from your Office 365 directory, and to keep your users and groups automatically up to date on the usecure app. 

Getting started - The Office 365 settings page

To start setting up your Office 365 synchronisation, head to the Settings page inside your usecure app and click Office 365 in the left-hand menu.

If you haven't run through the Office 365 usecure setup process before, you will be prodded to start the setup on the Office 365 settings page. 

If you have run through the setup process before, read: Managing your Office 365 integration.

Click the Sign in with Microsoft button to start the setup process.

Getting started - Authenticate your Office 365 account

You will now be prodded to sign in to your Microsoft account and allow usecure to access user and group data.

Click Accept.

Step One - Starting The Setup Wizard

The usecure Office 365 synchronisation setup wizard will now start. You will see an introduction page to let you know which options you will be able to configure.

Click Start on the bottom right to proceed.

Step Two - Automatic sync options

On the second page of the setup wizard, you will be able to choose whether you want the Office 365 sync to run automatically. If you choose the sync to not run automatically, you will need to perform manual synchronisations to import users and groups from Office 365 into usecure.

Once you have chosen whether you want syncs to run automatically, click Next on the bottom right to proceed.

Step Three - Choose whether to include groups

In the third step you will be able to choose whether you want to include groups in your Office 365 syncs. If you choose not to include groups, only users will be imported without any group data.

Step Four - Choose whether to select groups manually

You will now be able to choose whether to only import users from certain groups in your Office 365 directory. If you select No, users from all groups will be synced.

Step Five - Choose whether to map groups

You may already have a group structure in the usecure app that doesn't mirror your group structure in Office 365. If so, you can use this step to begin group mapping, which will allow you to map groups from O365 into your existing group configuration on the usecure app.

Step Six - Choose which types of groups to import

Office 365 supports two types of groups: Office 365 and Security. In this step, you can choose whether to import one or both types of groups from your directory.

Step Seven - Configure your groups

In this step you will be able to choose which groups to include in syncs. If you chose to enable group mapping, you will also see an option to map groups from Office 365 into existing groups in your usecure app.

Step Eight - Configure your user email blacklist

You may have users in your Office 365 directory who you wish not to import to the usecure app. You can add their email addresses to this email blacklist to ensure that they won't be included in any future syncs.

Step Nine - Test your synchronisation

The setup wizard will now prompt you to test your Office 365 synchronisation. This test sync will show you what data a synchronisation will find and synchronise without importing any data to the usecure app yet. The Test Sync emails the results of the sync to the address you've signed in with.

Step Ten - Complete your Office 365 setup

Your Office 365 synchronisation setup is now complete. If you enabled automatic synchronisation your chosen users and groups will automatically be imported to the usecure app within the next 24 hours. If you chose to not enable automatic synchronisation, you will need to run a Manual Sync to import your users and groups.

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