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Access and manage customer accounts

Easily manage your tenant accounts with uService.

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To ensure the highest level of security and to make customer management easy for MSPs, we built usecure as a multi-tenant app.

uService is where you can add, manage and access your client accounts.

In this article you'll learn:

Where can I find uService?

Find uService in the top menu bar when you're logged in to the usecure app. Under the drop-down you will find:

  • Customers - add and manage your client accounts

  • Prospects - add leads and run Risk Reports

  • Risk Report Sign Up - enable and configure your HRR lead widget

  • Invoices - find and download your invoices

How do I use the uService customers page?

usecure is a multi-tenant app. uService is where you can find, add and manage your client accounts.

There are four columns on the uService customer list:

  • Name - The name of your customer account.

  • Domain - Your customer's domain (end users and admins will be restricted to this unless you turn off Domain Lock)

  • Active Users - The number of end users that are set to 'active'. Active end users automatically receive courses (if Auto Enrol is turned on), and reminders for courses they have been enrolled on.

  • Status - Whether the customer account is active (being billed), on a free trial, or trial expired.

There are three buttons next to each customer:

  • Edit - Edit the customer account's details (such as name, feature availability, max users, and custom branding)

  • Admin Login - Login as an admin onto the customer's app, allowing you to send out phishing simulations, enrol users on courses, view reports etc

  • The Action Button - Perform actions such as upgrading a trial account to a full account from this button

How do I close a customer account?

To permanently close a customer account, use the arrow button (>) next to the account in uService, and click Delete Customer.

If you are an MSP under Giacom, you will not see the option Delete Customer, as this is managed in Giacom's Cloud Market.

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