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Add and edit customer accounts

Easy add your client accounts and edit their details with uService.

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uService makes it easy to add and edit customer accounts.

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How can I create a customer account in usecure?

1. Open the uService Customers page (uService -> Customers)

2. Click the Create Customer button on the top right above the customer list.

This will open the Create Customer window. You will need to go through the tabs in this window to add in all the details of your new customer.

How can I add or edit customer accounts?

Here's how you can set up or edit the details of your client accounts.

Step 1 - Details

In the first tab, you will need to set:

  • Company Name - The name of your client. This will be displayed in uService as well as on their platform and courses.

  • Preferred Language - The default language to which the customers' app and new administrators will be set to.

  • Preferred Content Language - The default language in which content such as phishing templates will be displayed. (You'll still be able to choose content in any language - this just sets the default.)

  • Preferred Timezone - The default timezone the system uses for scheduling phishing simulations and calculating dates and times in reports.

Step 2 - Plan

In the second tab, you will be able to set the details of the customer's subscription plan.

  • Free Trial - Turn this on if you wish to give the customer a free trial.

  • Domain Lock - By default, only users with the same email domain as the admin can be added onto the app. Turn this setting off to enable users with any email domain to be added.

  • Domain - This is the domain associated with the customer. If Domain Lock is enabled, this is the only domain that is allowed for user email addresses on the platform. (For example, if you only want users with the email domain to be allowed, turn on Domain Lock and type in

    Note: If you don't want to enable Domain Lock on the account, you will still need to type in a Domain here, and then turn off the Domain Lock setting after.

  • User Limit - Use this setting to set a limit to the number of users that can be added to the app. 

Step 3 - Features

In this tab you will be able to select which usecure products are available on the customer's app.

Step 4 - Finish creating your new customer

Finally, click the Create Customer button to finish adding your customer to the usecure app!

You will be able to customise your customer's Email settings and Theme by accessing their account as Admin and navigating to their settings.

Accessing your new customer's account

You will now be able to see your new customer in uService, and can access their account at any time by clicking the Admin Login button. Anyone from your team will be able to access the customer's account in this way.

If you wish to add someone from the customer's end as an admin on their own account, follow the guide to adding an administrator when you are logged into the customer account. (If you add an admin when you are logged into your own account, that user will have access to all your customer accounts.)

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