When taking uLearn courses, end users can move on to the next slide by clicking the 'Next' button or by tapping their space bar.

If you're worried that some of your end users might be speeding through their courses without reading them thoroughly, you can enforce a course slide delay.

What is Course Slide Delay?

The Course Slide Delay setting can be used to disable end users from moving on to the next slide on their uLearn courses until they have spent a certain number of seconds on the current slide.

If Course Slide Delay is turned on, the 'Next' button and space bar will be disabled on every slide for 5 seconds. This helps ensure your users are actually spending the time required to read and understand the content on each slide. It can also prevent accidentally double-tapping the 'Next' button or the space bar.

Can I set a custom time for Course Slide Delay?

Not at the moment. Course Slide Delay, when turned on, will keep end users on each slide for a minimum of five seconds.

How to turn on Course Slide Delay

You can configure the Course Slide Delay from the uLearn section of your platform settings.

1. Find the uLearn section of your platform settings, and click Course Slide Delay

You can get here by clicking the settings cog next to your name in the top right of the usecure app, and then clicking Settings.

2. Turn on the Require at least 5 seconds to read course material setting

Click on the settings toggle to toggle the setting.

3. Click the Save button to save your settings!

The change will apply to courses immediately, ensuring your end users have to spend at least 5 seconds on each slide of their courses.

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