How we sync with Google Workspace

Learn how the usecure Google Workspace sync works.

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The usecure app allows your users and groups to be imported directly from Google Workspace.

You can either set up automatic sync, or sync manually.

Automatic Google Workspace synchronisation

The automatic Google Workspace sync pulls in all your users and groups from Google Workspace into usecure daily at 8am UTC.

Manual synchronisation

The manual Google Workspace sync allows you to pull in your users and groups from Google Workspace into usecure at any time you wish.

You can do this by clicking the 'Manual Sync' button on the Google Workspace page.

Sync notifications

If there are any changes in the Google Workspace data that is pulled over into usecure, your admin users will be emailed to let them know of the changes found and how they have been applied in usecure.

If you are an MSP, your admins will receive sync notifications for any of your customers who don't have any admins set up. However, as an MSP you will by default receive sync failure notifications for your customers irrespective of whether your customers have admins or not.

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