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Introducing uPolicy
Introducing uPolicy

What is uPolicy? Find out all you need to know about usecure's new policy management tool.

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What is uPolicy?

uPolicy allows you to easily create and manage your company's policies.

Having the right policies is essential for protecting your company. Policies help you set out your expectations for your employees in terms of security and their conduct in the workplace, as well as meeting compliance requirements and reducing risks.

With uPolicy, you can:

  • Establish rules, standards and best practices for your employees and workplace

  • Ensure policies have been read and signed by all end users

  • Contribute to a security culture and build a safe environment at your workplace

  • Aid your efforts in achieving regulatory compliance

uPolicy's key features:

  • Pick ready-to-go policies for your company: With our library of security policies that meet industry standards you won't have to waste time writing policies from scratch.

  • Customise policies or create your own: You can customise our policy templates as you wish, or upload entirely new ones to meet your needs.

  • Upload your existing policies: Upload PDF files to transfer your existing policy set to the uPolicy library.

  • Easily send out policies to your end-users: Choose whether to send out policies to all users, individual users, or just to certain groups or departments, and ensure smooth roll out in just a couple of clicks.

  • Manage signing of policies: Once you have sent out your policies for signing, you can see how many users have signed the policy straight from the uPolicy dashboard.

Using uPolicy

Where to find uPolicy

You can find uPolicy through the top menu bar inside the usecure app.

How to see the policy templates

You can find all the pre-built policy templates on uPolicy by clicking Template Library from the uPolicy drop-down in the menu bar.

How to create a new policy

To create a new policy, you will first want to head to the View Policies page.

On the View Policies page, click the Create Policy button.

You will then be able to choose whether you want to create a policy from one of the pre-built templates or to write it from scratch.

The Policy Editor

You can write and edit policies using the Policy Editor. The editor allows you to format text, insert hyperlinks and rename your policy as you wish.

Viewing and sending out your policies

Policies that you have created - whether custom or from the template library - will appear on the View Policies page.

Use the action button to the right of any policy to edit, duplicate, delete, send out the policy, upload policy signatures and export policy data. You can also select multiple policies using the check boxes on the left, and then use the top Action button to send out multiple policies at once.

How to see who has signed a policy

You can view who has signed a policy by clicking on the policy on the View Policies page. This will open the policy details window. Click the Recipients tab to see who has signed the policy.

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