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Introducing usecure for partners
Introducing usecure for partners

Here's everything you need to know to get started with usecure ⬇️

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Welcome to the usecure Help Centre 👋

In this guide we'll go through:

  • How usecure helps protect your customers

  • What is usecure, really?

  • Where to find what you need to get started, run, market and sell usecure

How does usecure protect my customers?

The leading cause of cyber breaches isn't nifty code or technical exploits - but human error. In our increasingly inter-connected business environments, every user is a potential weak link that can allow your customers' networks, devices and data to become exposed.

At usecure, we believe that end users can be transformed from your customers' weakest link to their first line of defence. With the right training, testing and support, end users can be key in fighting the most damaging cyber threats like phishing and ransomware.

What is usecure, really?

usecure is a security awareness platform that consists of a number of products.

Here's a quick overview:

  • uLearn is a security awareness training solution that features a core three-year training programme, as well as a growing library of additional infosec and compliance modules

  • uPhish is a phishing simulator that offers a library of realistic email and landing page templates, as well as letting you build your own

  • uBreach is a dark web scanner that automatically searched the dark web for compromises of your users' details

  • uPolicy is a policy management tool that simplifies the managing and signing of your policies, in addition to offering a library of infosec policy templates

Where do I find...?

The Help Centre will be your starting point for anything and everything you need to know about usecure.

The Help Centre will be your go-to-source for information, guides and FAQs on the platform and the usecure products.

The Marketing Resource Hub is where you can find all the guides, templates and resources you need to effectively drive demand for usecure.

The Partners Hub contains guides and information on running the usecure platform and managing your clients using the uService portal.

What now?

A good place to start is just playing around with the app, and getting familiar with all the different usecure products and how they work. Being familiar with the platform will help you not only run it for your customers, but also in marketing and selling usecure.

Next steps

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