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Learn how to upload an existing policy file into uPolicy.

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You can upload PDF files into uPolicy to enable you to import your existing policy library.

If you want to create a policy with the uPolicy editor or using a template instead, you may be interested in:

How to upload a PDF into uPolicy

To import a PDF into uPolicy, you will need to follow largely the same steps as when creating a new policy from scratch.

Step One - Start creating a new policy from scratch

You will need to find the View Policies page from the top menu bar, and then click the Create Policy button. In the drop-down, click Create from Scratch.

Step Two - Give your policy a name and a category

This will help you find the policy later and keep a neat library.

Step Three - Choose the PDF Upload Content Type

In the Policy Content Type drop-down, select PDF Upload.

Step Four - Upload your policy

Once you choose the PDF Upload content type, the upload button will appear below.

Step Five - Finish creating your policy

You can fill out the details on the Signature Settings and Access Control tabs, and finish importing your new policy by clicking the Create Policy button at the bottom of the page.

Is there a limit to the number of custom policies that can be uploaded?

There is no limit to the number of policies that you can upload to the uPolicy library.

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