Introducing usecure

Learn the essentials of the usecure products and how to get started with the usecure platform.

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Human error is the leading cause of cyber breaches.

usecure was created to protect the data, systems and communications of companies from being exposed due to human error - but also to safeguard their reputation and trust among customers, clients and partners.

Just about every company holds personal, sensitive or confidential information of some kind, and it is essential that employees understand the importance of protecting this data.

The usecure products

The usecure platform comprises multiple products that contribute to this goal of driving security awareness:

  • uLearn - security awareness and compliance training

  • uPhish - simulated phishing

  • uBreach - email breach detection

  • uPolicy - policy management

These solutions are all brought together by Risk Score, which provides an overall evaluation of your company's current and past human cyber risk. 

The usecure platform

You can manage all the usecure products from one easy-to-use portal, which you can find at:

Use the top menu bar to navigate through the usecure products.

The options on the right-hand side of the top menu bar allow you to edit your platform settings (by clicking the gear icon) and your personal account settings (by clicking on your name).

Platform demo

Watch this demo to help you get started with the usecure platform:

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